Mukhriz confirms Mahathir and Muhyiddin has conspired in the shadows since 2014 to remove Najib.


    Today, Mukhriz told the court that both Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin were part of the plan to remove Najib since at least 2014, but rejected the claim that this was a “conspiracy”.

    Does Mukhriz even know what a conspiracy is? You worked behind the scenes, appearing as friendly and supportive in public but all the while sabotaging, hatching plans and backstabbing behind the scenes.

    That is not conspiracy? DUH Boboi.

    I have talked about this for years and had always maintained that Mahatma and Muhyiddin’s attack against Najib has nothing to do with 1MDB or Malaysia going bankrupt or anything that these dangerous people are accusing now.

    It all started after the UMNO elections where Mukhriz narrowly lost and Mahathir blamed Najib for not supporting his son.

    The “dana presiden” was well-known to Mahathir and Muhyiddin and it is likely that both of them also received money from here for the GE13 campaigning.

    This is also the reason why in June 2014, Muhyiddin surprisingly voted AGAINST holding the party elections despite earlier strongly calling for it.

    He probably thought that Najib was on the verge of being toppled so Muhyiddin can become President without having to contest against Zahid – a match which the charisma-free Muhyiddin would lose.

    They KNEW that the WSJ will be publishing details of the RM2.6 billion in Najib;s account because THEY are the ones who arranged to leak it to international media – despite knowing that the money was to be used for party purposes and not for putting in pocket of Najib.

    They are also the ones who got their macais Khairuddin and Matthias to go all around the world lodging reports.

    These people are very dangerous people and do not mind destroying Malaysia’s reputation, sabotaging our economy, working with foreign powers, using internal govt machinery collaboration – all in a bid to topple Najib and grab power.

    And as Mahathir blogged today, these people will U-Turn as many times as they need to just for gaining support in their bid for power but they do NOT believe in their U-turns. They are simply not sincere people.

    These people must be removed forever from the political scene as they cannot be trusted and do not care for anyone except themselves and their ego.

    They do not care if Malaysia’s reputation or economy is damaged due to their conspiracy with international powers and media.

    The country’s reputation, future and the welfare of the people are not their priority.

    Their personal goals and ego are most important to them.





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