Police destroy 86 shotguns obtained with fraudulently issued licences


Sibu Deputy OCPD Supt Martin Koo said the guns – some seized more than 13 years ago – were destroyed on Tuesday (April 30).

“The guns were confiscated during Ops Siaw Loong which was launched state-wide in 2000.

“The guns were sold to individuals by middlemen who had colluded with firearms officers in the district office to issue licenses” he said.

Supt Koo said 82 investigation papers were opened on the matter.

He said based on explanations by the individuals arrested, another four investigation papers were also opened under Section 7 of the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971.

As a result of the investigation on Sept 26, 2006, Mahmud Abdullah, the deputy public prosecutor from the state Attorney General’s Chambers in Kuching ordered that the middlemen and the district firearms officer to be placed under restricted residence for three years under the now-repealed Internal Security Act (ISA).

The owners of the shotguns, however, were not subjected to further action.

“This is the biggest exercise to destroy shotguns in the district,” he added.

Present to witness the ceremony to destroy the guns were magistrate Sharifah Fatimah and Sibu CID chief DSP Hadian Keria. – The Star



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