Video: There are some PakaTun doubters who do not believe that there is any progress on the 2200km toll-free Pan-Borneo Highway.


    Here are some updates on two of the various multiple works packages. Seeing is believing.

    1. Jalan Nyabau to Jalan Bakun

    The attached video is a Feb 2016 video of the progress of the 43km stretch at Jalan Bintulu-Miri, from Jalan Nyabau to Jalan Bakun junctions. Works began at the end of April 2015. Construction is targeted to take some 30 months. In addition to changing the current 2-lane single-carriageway of R3 JKR standard, into a 4-lane dual-carriageway of R5 JKR standard, development works will include 4 bridges, over 300 major and minor culverts, bus sheds, P-turns, designated junctions, as well as pedestrian bridges.

    For Aug 2016 photos of the above stretch, click here:…/2015/09/Nyabau-Bakun-Junctions.pdf

    2.Telok Melano – Sematan stretch 70% Cleared

    16 May 2016, Kuching – Land clearing of the ‘Right of Way’ for the all-new 33 km Telok Melano – Sematan stretch is approximately 70%. The entire stretch is expected to be cleared by end of June 2016, enabling cut-and-fill activities, ie. the next stage of construction works to commence.

    For Aug 2016 photos of the above stretch, click here:

    3) 77km Serian to Pantu Junction

    All structures including non-residential buildings along the road from Serian to Pantu Junction are now being demolished and removed to make way for the construction of the highway after the affected residents have been given compensation and ex-gratia payments from the government.

    Five more packages have been awarded from late July to early August by Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU) the project delivery partner (PDP) of the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak were for the stretches of Pantu Junction to Btg Skrang, Btg Skrang to Sg. Awik Bridge near Saratok, Sg. Awik Bridge to Bintangor Junction, Sg. Kua Bridge near Mukah to Sg. Arip Bridge near Balingian and Sungai Arip Bridge to Bintulu Airport Junction.

    Like I said, seeing is believing. Not air liur sahaja.

    Again you must ask, why Najib can build 2200km of Pan Borneo Highway toll-free but Mahathir needs to give money, half of the highway and many guarantees to his crony to collect 30 to 40 years of increasing toll for the 850km North-South Highway?



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